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Range Rover is an eminent name which has earned a reputation of one of the most trusted car brands globally through its class services in cars of all models. When you own a Range Rover, there is no doubt that you also care about its regular services, which are essential for maintaining its regular performance. For your Ranger Rover, if you pick ASFA for its repair & services, you will be pleased with the utmost care and professionalism which will be displayed in our service centre. Consumer Satisfaction is our prime goal and we would like to continue to serve with perfection for our clients by using genuine materials and fluids for maintaining the transparency of our operations. From fluids to modernised tools, you will find everything which you expect from a quality repair store as we like to do all the operations which can increase the lifespan of your car. For many Rangerover owners, it becomes a reason to worry about finding the most reliable repair which can crack the issues of their car. To tackle this, we have a team of experienced engineers and technicians which can provide a tailored solution as per the nature of the issue.

Our service includes

Range Rover is a globally renowned brand which has produced some of the best innovative cars since their year of operation. So when it comes to repairing or regular maintenance, there is always a requirement of a qualified specialist who can understand the specifications of a Rangerover car inside and out and provide respective solutions. To give services to every Range Rover in the most appropriate way, we have a specialised team of mechanics for overseeing issues ranging from simple to complicated tasks. We make sure that with us, you find everything under one roof without breaking the bank. Below you can read our services which we can provide for your Rangerover car.

  • All sorts of mechanical repair
  • Headlight restoration service
  • Cylinder head repair and reconditioning
  • Coding and control unit programming
  • Battery replacements & registering
  • Logbook servicing and vehicle repairs
  • Clutch, differential & transmission servicing
  • Suspension repairs and modifications
  • Brake replacement or upgrade to ceramic brakes (eliminate black dust)
  • Interior trim repairs and replacement
  • Sunroof diagnosis and repair
  • Appropriate diagnosis and repairs of electrical and computer systems
  • Airbag diagnosis, repair and replacement
  • Replacement control units
  • Air conditioning service, re-gas, diagnostic and repairs
  • Cooling system and radiator repairs
  • Timing belt replacement

Improve Performance Of Your Range Rover With Our Reliable Car Mechanics

ASFA has always been active in maintaining the car efficiency through legitimate practices which ensure quality and satisfaction at every step. We believe our services represent ourselves and our attitude towards work therefore, they cannot be less than perfection. ASFA believes in going the extra mile to assist customers with a one-stop solution for Range Rover cars. We have a proficient team of diverse specialisation so that when your car reaches our workshop, there will be no guesswork in providing the best solution. Our staff members have previously managed an assortment of cars, making us one of the experienced and trustworthy range rover services in Adelaide. To maintain the transparency and honest approach at its zenith, we ensure that our customers are very much aware of the services which we are doing for their car so that they have a clear idea of our operations.

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