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A car runs because of its engine. Naturally, any problems related to the engine have to be thoroughly checked and suitably rectified. This is where we, at ASFA, come into the picture. We provide an all-around inspection and proficient engine repair for different cars. Although different in structure, the engines of each car have similar components. We ensure that every part is functioning correctly and without any hitch.

Modern cars are now abundantly available and their engines are different in their power and assembly. Usually, the engines are characterized according to their number of cylinders. The cylinders move and produce mechanical energy, which drives the car and its associated functions.

We can provide a thorough check-up and the appropriate solution for any engine trouble. Our fully-functioning workshops can provide you with more detailed functions than a normal small engine repair shop. Well, before you give us a call and ask for a quote, here’s a comprehensive list of services we provide:

What we offer in our car engine service

Is your engine making an odd clicking or knocking sound? Is it stalling after running perfectly for a few miles? Then you should come to our auto engine repair shop for having a complete check-up of the engine. With our experienced team of mechanics and state-of-the-art diagnostic tools, we can provide you with the most in-depth checking of your engine blocks. Some of the services we provide are listed as;

  • Giving a look-up to the engine components like the contact breaker, distributor cap, and rotor button.
  • Adjustments in the cylinder head bolts and substitution of filter caps and spark plugs.
  • A complete overhaul of the engine block, alternator, and timing belts.
  • Checking of the clutch and the cylinders.
  • Replacement of the fuel injection and ignition mechanism.
  • Repairing of the emission control and fuel consumption chamber.

Your car is an asset to you so, it is better to choose professional and reputed car engine service experts.

Professional & Reliable Car Engine Replacement in Adelaide

Different models of a car have diverse engine placements and connections that run the whole machine. Our team of experienced and professional car mechanics can deliver the most satisfying job possible. Engines, like the other mechanical parts, can wear down upon continued use and needs a tune-up or change as per requirement. We use the most modern instruments and branded standby parts to complete a replacement. Looking for a thorough car engine repair? Our mechanics can easily give your car the extra lives needed.

There are several shops available for giving your engines the required tune-up, but at ASFA, we are different and distinguished in our approaches. We can handle every type of major and minor engine repairs. Our experienced personnel can fix or replace all parts of an engine. Moreover, the main reasons for success for our teams can be given as;

  • Extensive experience and unmatched skills with all types of engines.
  • Access to state-of-the-art materials and branded replacement parts.
  • Experienced and certified team of automotive technicians.
  • All repairs are fully guaranteed for quality and performance.

If you want to have your car serviced by the most popular auto repair services Adelaide, give us a call and let us revitalize your car!

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