Timing Belt Service

Timing Belt Service

Timing Belts helps the car engine to operate the car through continuous movement which is why its an important aspect of a car. It is crucial to maintain for keeping the car in running condition. A good quality rubber belt with notches on the inner side belt allows the engine to function with maximum potential and connect the crankshaft to the camshaft, which keeps the revolving process active. Its tight grip keeps the belt in sorted alignment and maintains momentum, which doesn’t let the belt slip and insures continuous movement. It’s neccessary to replace the timing belt when they get old or when they are not functioning properly. Failing to change the timing belt on time can lead to heavy expenses and sometimes lead to engine damage. Although there is no specific time for the timing belt replacement, it’s smart decision to change it if you experience some unusual activity in your engine like:

  • Burning smell
  • Rattling noise

Timing Belt Replacement at a competitive price

We quote our prices as per the discussions with our client regarding the services we will provide to them. Our prices for all our services are relevant and as per the Industry based guidelines, which makes us a prime choice for auto repair services in Adelaide. Over the years we have shown phenomenal introduction in our techniques and workmanship and modified our workshop for dealing with many issues. For making our quality of transparent and detailed, we will provide you with a list of services along with the charges prior to starting our work on your car, the same goes with timing belt. We quote a competitive car timing belt cost whose quality speak for themselves. If still, there is no major issue in your belt and it can be repaired, our mechanics can do that. Our timing belt repair cost is comparatively economic as we focus on making a long time partnership with our customers.

If you are too facing some issue with your car timing belt, which makes you replace it with a new one in excellent quality, you can prefer us for top-notch quality in affordable price. Our timing belt replacement cost in Adelaide is moderated but this will not restrict us to provide you best quality timing belt built with adequate parameters and materials.

ASFA- Best Car Repair Shop in Adelaide for Timing Belt Replacement Service

What we are today is all because of the efforts we made yesterday! Our hardworking mechanics in Adelaide believe in setting new milestones and achieving it for getting one step closer to becoming one of the best car repair shops in Adelaide. We try our best efforts in getting the services done for our customers in quick time. For many of us, the car is a medium of a daily commute and an essential part of our life. The time cycle consumed while its getting repaired and disturb the whole cycle and routine we have set for ourselves. With our rapid services, we get your car fixed in a quick point of time so that you can get back to your momentum quickly. As far as timing belts are concerned, our quick timing belt replacement time makes us one level ahead of our counterparts and for the ones who value times on the same scale as money.

Contact us right now for any issue you face in your car! Our executives are just a call away!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below is the range of tasks covered in the timing belt service when you take the services from a recognised auto repair shop.

1.Replacement of Water Pump
2.Replacement of Fresh Coolant
3.Idler Pulleys, Tensioners, Drive Belts, Crankshaft, and Camshaft Services

Every car brand manufacturer recommends a different timeframe for the replacement of the timing belt. Generally, as per the instructions of auto repair experts, the timing belt replacement should be done at every 50,000 – 1,00,000 miles. Choose the best auto repair shop for performing all the operations regarding the timing belt replacement.

If your timing belt needs to be replaced, it will cost around 290 to 500 dollars depending upon the car make and model. When it comes to the replacement of timing belts, it should always be done under the guidance of skilled auto repair experts who understand the best practices as per the recommendations of a car expert.

The signs that indicate the need for timing belt replacement are as follows:

1. Engine making a ticking sound.
2. Engine failing to turn on.
3. Engine rough idling
4. Oil Pressure Decline and Oil Leak

Take your car to the nearest auto care shop if you are experiencing any of the said issues in your car before the situation gets more problematic.

The timing Belt does the important job of engine functioning while the car is in motion. In case it breaks while driving, the engine will no longer work. This problem cannot get resolved soon and emerge as a problematic and costly repair. The best thing that a driver can do is to not ignore the signs of a bad timing belt and get the best practices performed by auto repair experts.

Yes, It does. Changing the timing belt as per the standard time frame ( 60,000 km) can offer advantages to the car and its owners.

Improved horsepower and acceleration
Increased gas mileage
Prevent unexpected and/or more costly auto repairs

Get the timing belt replacement services from the skilled and established auto care expert skilled in working with cars of all makes and models.

The timing belt is responsible for the smooth functioning of the engine. Following the advice of many car repair experts, it gets essential to go for timing belt replacement after every 60,000 km.