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Car batteries are the heart of any vehicle. It doesn’t take a genius to know that the batteries power the electrical systems and run the automatic parts. Basically, they activate and run all the required functions of the car. So, if your car is not starting, the usual cause of this event will be a faulty battery.

We, at ASFA, are always ready to solve any problems related to the battery block. Our expert teams can easily find out the root cause of the problem and take the necessary steps. From faulty charging to recycling, we provide the best services.

Batteries are parts needed to be serviced very carefully and have to be done by an expert. Our team of proficient technicians can provide you with the most authentic and thorough car battery service. We provide battery services to maximise the performance and fuel efficiency of the cars and take special care to ensure the maintenance of the optimum condition. We also provide our clients with the best-branded batteries for their cars and have a big collection.

Need your old lead-acid battery recycled? Visit any of our stores, get it recycled, and play your part in maintaining the environment. Here’s a quick glimpse of our services for you:

Our Car Battery Repairs And Services Include

There are no alternatives of broken down battery other than a car battery replacement. That is why we recommend the periodic checking of your car batteries. You just have to visit any one of our auto shops; our experienced technicians will engage in services that will lessen the car battery replacement cost. We do not just stock the batteries, we also provide several services that make your car perform better in the long run. Some of them are explained below;

  • Battery Charging

We provide the appropriate charging services for all types of batteries of various make and models. Our car battery chargers are state-of-the-art which can easily ascertain battery health and remaining charge and therefore provide the optimum charging load assisted by a well-adjusted charging program. Our team ensures the most proficient charging services to ensure the renewal of battery performance, addition of battery life, and minimizing the chance of a collapse.

  • Testing the battery

You can always test your available battery to save on the new car battery prices. Our expert technicians can run a diagnostics and give you information about whether you need to buy a new one or just charge your old one. We always keep the parameters of the battery within the existing industry standards.

Besides, we also provide the following services;

  • Battery selection.
  • Battery installation
  • Battery recycling.

Get Your Car Battery Service From The Most Trusted Mechanics In Adelaide

The modern vehicles have new functions and consequently, they demand more from the batteries to run the starting system. Their inclusion is now vital for running the on-board systems and fixtures. Our technicians, often depicted as the best mechanics in Adelaide, are experts in handling all types of batteries and provide your car with the optimum performance it requires.

You may think that many shops are providing these services; so what is so special about us? We do not cut corners on our services to optimize the batteries of our client’s car. Check out the other reasons why we are considered as the most popular car service Adelaide:

  • Targeted service: Our mechanics provide the specific service your battery needs. We do not manage the problems, we solve it. Our workshops can provide batteries of every type and power.
  • Associated services: We go all the way in performing the little things not done by other companies. Like, when installing a battery, we chemically clean the battery terminals to ensure maximum connectivity.

Our technicians can easily determine whether the battery or any other component needs attention. With the most updated tools present in our workshops, you are assured to get a thorough checking and complete service. So, give us a call, book, and appointment, and let us give your car the energy boost it requires!

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Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of a car battery varies majorly depending upon the make and model. A typical car battery can cost around $50 to 120 dollars whereas some special batteries cost around $80 to $190$.

Car batteries provide power to the electrical components of the vehicle such as lights, power windows, stereo and a lot more. If the battery goes weak or gets dead, you’ll notice some changes that indicate its replacement.

1.Car Struggling to Start
2.Electrical Malfunctions
3.Flickering/Dimming Lights
5.Dashboard Warning Light

There cannot be a standard answer to this question as it firmly depends upon the usage pattern. Many auto experts believe that car batteries last for 3 to 5 years as their performance starts deteriorating after a sudden period.

The right duration to get your car batteries replaced depends upon the vehicle condition and battery maintenance. In colder areas, the battery life is low and needs replacement after three years, whereas in hot and humid conditions, the duration goes up to 4 to 5 years.

A car battery is one of the important components that can provide a smooth and easy driving experience. Being a crucial component of the car, car batteries are tested by mechanics in both minor and major car services.

The best way to maintain the car battery that can maximise its productivity is to keep it clean and corrosion-free. Many auto experts believe that car batteries should be tested to ensure they are correctly charged and ensure their peak performance.