Minor Body Repairs

Minor Car Repairs

It is obvious that because of the consistent use of your car, there are many instances in which there will be a requirement of car minor service. It may not as crucial as the major ones, but needs to get fixed up as soon as possible for saving money and efforts in the long run. No matter you take your car out once in a week or use it every day for your work, it is advisable to keep in check with both minor and major issues which can increase the efficiency of the car in the long run. With ASFA, you will be introduced to specialists who can treat your every minor issue with perfection. All the minor service work is performed by a skilled and qualified workforce, using high-tech quality parts and completed as per the manufacturer’s guided specifications at reasonable prices. We have kept economical to competitive prices for all the services such as car body repair, A.C repairing, oil replacement service,inspection of cars and many more available at our workshop, so you get quality services without breaking the bank. We will provide you with the sheet of our car minor service charges prior to the beginning of our work towards your car so you can prioritise accordingly to select the most required and essential service as per your budget

Our service includes

Below are the services which we are providing at our workshop for cars of all makes and models. We carry all the services out by specific technician ensuring no trace of error and guesswork in diagnosing the repair tasks. We do before and after the car test to analyse the aspects and how much we have achieved after providing you with the service.

  • Replacing the oil with clean and genuine oil as per your car for smooth running.
  • Replacing of Oil filter for increasing the productivity of your engine.
  • Battery testing for knowing the charge and analysing its efficiency statistics.
  • Inspection of Belt and hose
  • Inspection of Brakes and brake fluid
  • Cooling system tests by analysing the working of Air conditioners.
  • Detailed inspection of light and tyres.
  • Checking windscreen wipers and washers.
  • Checking of Wiper Blades Car scratch and dent repair
  • Collision Repair Services
  • Car Body work carried out experts.

ASFA- Premium Auto Body Repair Shop In Adelaide

We have earned a reputation of being one of the most sought after auto repair services in Adelaide which can perform a variety of work irrespective of the size of the issue you are facing in your car. Minor car issues can trouble in the long term because of negligence, therefore it’s better to get rid of it as soon as possible. With dedicated staff as per make and model, we can successfully tackle all sorts of repair tasks in a given time frame without losing the quality of work.

Visit ASFA for any issue which is acting as a hindrance in getting the perfect driving experience, and our mechanics in Adelaide will do their best in restoring the same experience yet again!

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