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ASFA is authorised logbook service provider which service your vehicle with high quality equipments. Bringing your cars to us for logbook servicing not only provides superior quality services but also assure you are not affecting your car’s warranty. Our logbook servicing is performed by qualfied technicans in which regular inspections and small fixes are done to let your cars run smoothly and efficiently .Logbook servicing differs from a generic car servicing in several subtle ways. In contrast to general servicing; where the mechanic applies the most appropriate policy, a servicing according to the car service log book entails the instructions suggested by the manufacturing company.

With our experience in handling cars of well-known makes, like Volkswagen, Lexus, Jaguar, Toyota, and their models; providing care to a vehicle according to the service log book is an easy task for us.

What Does Log Book Service Include? 

Whether it is a general or a log book maintenance, the services ensure that the instruments function properly and the life expectancy of the vehicle increases significantly. With assistance from our experienced team providing maintenance of log book of the specified model, you are assured of the well-being of your car.

Usually, the servicing takes place after the first 1000 km or 6 months, whichever comes faster. We fulfill every service mentioned in the mileage log book. Check out some of the services here:

  • Adjust engine oil & oil filter
  • Brake assessment and fine-tuning
  • Checking the lights and indicators
  • Inspecting steering and suspension
  • Assessing and refueling of under bonnet fluid levels
  • Testing the computer battery
  • Adjusting tire pressures
  • Checking radiator hoses
  • Checking fan belts etc.

Although, the services required for maintenance differ according to the make and model of the car. Our skilled team believes in providing log book services which assures your vehicle is maintained with 100% performance on road.

Benefits Of Log Book Servicing From ASFA

 ASFA provides the most complete range of car repair and maintenance services to our clients. Some of the reasons why you should choose as the service provider can be given as;

  • We use the most genuine and branded parts.
  • We keep an up-to-the-date record of the logbook services in Adelaide for each of our clients so that they do not miss their allotted logbook servicing.
  • Our comprehensive services provide the most detailed inspection which improves the market value of the car.
  • We are capable of providing the highest standard services and ensuring the safety of our clients while driving.

So, we can safely say that we are the obvious choice for the logbook service of any vehicle.

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If your car’s logbook service is pending or you are looking for any sort of repairs which makes you look  over the internet to find the ‘ best Log book service near me’ , we are the top rated auto repair shop which can provide you comprehensive services at affordable logbook service cost.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A logbook service includes:
1.Check steering and suspension
2.Brake inspection and adjustment
3.Check fan belts
4.Change engine oil & oil filter
5.Check radiator hoses
6.Check lights
7.Check tyre pressures
8.Check and top up under bonnet fluid levels
9.Computer battery test

There cannot be one specific answer to this question as it depends upon the car make and model. Modern SUV cars come with higher logbook service costs, whereas hatchback comes with relatively less cost. When it comes to car logbook service, car owners should give more attention to the experience and skills of the car mechanic because choosing an amateur or less qualified expert for logbook service can overall affect the productivity of your car.

A basic or minor service in your car covers small general issues such as replacement of oil, brake issues, battery, suspension and wiper blades.

A logbook service in your car is designed to robust the car performance by conducting all the necessary operations as per the car manufacturer recommendations.

The vehicle logbook serves as ownership proof used by the driver and the licencing authority, ensuring a record of the car and its keeper. Every time the car goes for a logbook service, it gets duly signed with complete details to ensure stable communication and understanding between both parties.

A logbook service should be done in your car within six months or 10,000 km, whatever comes first. A logbook service is done by professionals performing operations as per the automobile manufacturers’ recommendations.

A full logbook service is a proactive car maintenance approach that covers all the regular inspections and small issues in the vehicle. From small to major issues, everything has been taken care of by the team of automobile experts as per the instructions of manufacturers.