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A smoothly functioning Car a.c is one of the most important features which is always bookmarked in many people’s top priority while buing a new car. Just like every appliance requires some maintenance issues, air conditioning is too subject to problems and requires services. Most common air conditions will suffer issues like blowing no cold air, weak airflow, warm air, unpleasant smell, etc. Generally, there are six major components in car A.C which are the compressor, the condenser, the evaporator, the receiver drier, the expansion valve, and, refrigerant. Out of which, a compressor is the most important and expensive component. Finding the defects of car quickly is hard to understand, as systems are very complex and are interconnected components. It is necessary to have your car air conditioning servicing regularly checked to detect problems before they become more complex and expensive.

Why Car Air Conditioning Repair is Important?

For anyone who lives in Australia, it requires no genius mind that a proper functioning Car A.C is a necessity which everyone looks for in their car. From the daily commute to the long drive journey, nothing can beat the cool breeze in the scorching heat, especially at the time of hot summers. It is said that you need to have car air conditioning service once in two years for maintaining its optimum performance and saving your money in the long run. Just like everything suffers when utilised in the long run, you may experience that your car a.c is not as effective as it used to be earlier, it’s time to get your car air conditioning repair and get it back to normal. Our Certified Technicians can diagnose all of your air conditioning issues and do the repairs on cars of all makes and models.

If you want your air conditioning system to be as good as it was at the time you purchased it, get it serviced from us as we will look after all the breakdowns and restore everything in its normal condition.

Car Air Conditioning Specialists In Adelaide

A comfortable ride in your car cannot be possible without perfect air conditions, which provides you with proper cooling and comfort throughout entire journey. Air conditioning systems checked time to time whenever you feel that its cooling ability is diminished.

We, at ASFA, provide AC service which includes all sorts of services and maintenance at competetive car ac repair cost. We assist in keeping your car a.c in proper condition and germ-free. We also provide special attention to the compressor, which is the principal component and protects from every wear and tear. Sometimes we couldn’t figure out what is the major root of the problem which we are not facing in air-conditioning. If you too feel any such issue in your Air conditioner, come to us and our experts will deeply analyse all the factors through the help of our skilled A.C experts. Some A.C services include.


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Frequently Asked Questions

The car A.C can provide you a joyful experience especially at the time of summer. As a car owner, its regular services should not be procrastinated and should be done on a constant basis. Talking about duration, it should be serviced every year before the commencement of summers.

As per the car experts, below are the signs that indicate that your car AC needs to get recharged by mechanics at a repair shop.
1. Loss in cooling capability
2. AC clutch failing to engage
3. Clear visuals of Refrigeration Leaks

It can be hard to get accurate about the duration of the car AC compressor as it depends upon factors such as – the age of the car and how often the AC is used. Normally, The car AC compressor lasts for 7-10 years irrespective of the make and model of the car.

Below are some of the ways that can help in keeping the car air conditioner for longer duration.

1.Keeping the car windows closed and letting the cool air in!
2.Running the air con weekly
3.Topping the refrigerant on regular basis
4.Following the regular service from mechanics.

If your car air conditioner is struggling in blowing cold air, it might be due to several reasons:
1. Leaking or Low Refrigerant
2. Dirty or Clogged Filter
3. Evaporator Coil or Condenser Issues
4. Blocked or Clogged Vent
5. Issue in Thermostat issue.

Just like any other components of the car, the car air conditioner is also subject to wear and tear, making it necessary to go for regular maintenance for a good performance. If the car air conditioner service is not performed on a constant basis, dust and dirt will get collected and affect its cooling power

Recognising the early signs or symptoms can help in taking care of the air conditioner and can save from hefty repair bills. Below are the signs of bad AC compressor:
1.Lack of Hot Air Blowing Out
2.Loud or Unusual Noise emerging from Unit
3.Compressor failing in turning on
4.Circuit Breaker Tripping
5.Small Leaks around Air Conditioning Unit
6.Warm Air Blowing
7.Less Airflow

Ideally, it’s better to go for car AC compressor replacement than its repairs. If there are small issues in the AC Compressor, you might go for repairs but the best option will be to get the compressor replaced with a similar configuration compressor.

Compressor is the heart of an air conditioner. If it fails, it also affects other components of the air conditioner. The common causes of car air conditioner compressor failure are:
1. Dirty Coils
2. Low Refrigerant Levels
3. Blocked Refrigerant Lines
4. Poor Repair Operations

A bad or failed Air compressor produces unusual and loud noise. The noise gets produced when any of the interior components gets wear and tear due to constant use or failing to get proper maintenance.

It would primarily depend upon the car make and model and its year. It can cost around 380 to 500 AUD to get a new compressor as per the car specifications from an independent auto repair shop. In dealerships, it can go beyond $1000.