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When it comes to Car repairs you cannot afford to choose a amateur to take care of your four wheeler  which epitomize a important part of our life. We, at the ASFA, have the best manpower to rectify any problem of your  car. With our experience to handle vehicles of every make and model, you will be assured about the general automotive repair service provided by us.

Our services includes:

We provide every general auto repair service related to the repair of your vehicle. Some of the services we provide can be listed as;

  • Checking and improving any existing alignment issues in your car.
  • Inspecting and determining the roadworthiness of your alternators and starters.
  • Providing the most sophisticated battery testing service and replacements if any.
  • Providing maintenance and installation services for both disc and drum brakes.
  • The exhaust system of your car is inspected and improved up to standard.
  • We also provide oil changing and tire rotation services
  • We repair and install timing belts.
  • We check and repair the conditions of water pumps.

Get Auto Repair In Adelaide At Competitive Price

We have the same enthusiasm in resolving any big or small issue you are facing in your car as for us, the volume of problem is not a scale for giving our best.Our mechanics at our most popular car repair shops Adelaide are competent to give your car the repair it needs and put it back on the road in a timely fashion. We also provides extended warranty services and a general tune-up job for our clients to ensure our long time support whenever you seek for our service. Our mechanics can also provide electronic vehicle diagnostics to improve the performance of your car, and also check and repair the suspension and steering if needed.

The variety of services we provide and the industry-grade materials we use comes at the most competitive car repair price. We do not believe in adding hidden costs, nor cutting corners when it comes to choosing raw materials or tools.We strive for reaching the zenith of perfection by setting our benchmark always up than before and make our services speak for themselves.

ASFA Car Mechanic- Get Back On Road Safely

We pride ourselves on our service and values and this approach has made us one of the most popular auto repair shops. We understand that your car is a great part of your life- from going to your workplace, picking up your kids, and meeting your friends- the list is endless. That is the reason we use the most current technologies and tools to complete any repair job. Our experienced car mechanic Adelaide goes all the way in providing the most proficient services for our clients.

We pride ourselves on being the most trusted car repair shops which belives in providing quality service to customers as the prime objective.  We always check and maintain the existing security standards in our jobs. We acknowledge the fact that a sub-par replacement can be the difference between smooth operation and accidents on the road, and therefore use only the tools that ensure the safety of the users.

So, if you have any repair, installation, or checking service to complete, come to our workshops or give us a call right away!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Considering the automobile experts, a major service is recommended in the car after every 24 months or 24,000 miles. Major service is one of the important car services as it covers everything in the car.

The cost of a major service can be around $100 to $180. The cost can vary depending upon the make and model of the car and where you are taking the services.

Going as per the experts, the oil of the vehicle should be changed every 3,000 km. As lubricants have become more advanced, the oil change requirement has reached intervals of 5,000 to 7,500 m

Yes, it needs full service to ensure its top performance. The full car service is complete checking of your car and is recommended to carry out every year or after every 12,000 miles.

Not at all. You can get your car serviced by any independent car repair shop and keep its warranty unaffected. As per law, the automakers and dealerships cannot force you to get your car serviced at their centre.

When your car hits the criteria of 1,00,000 miles, you need to replace the following things in your car.
1.Car Fluids
3.Timing Belt and Water Pump
4.Tires and Brakes
5.Spark Plugs
6.Fuel filter,
7.Air filter
8.Internal air filter
9.PCV valve