Clutch and Transmission Repair

Clutch And Transmission Repair

Clutch and car transmissions are the essential components necessary to drive a car without any hitch. We, at ASFA, provide you with complete transmission clutch repair service. Whether it’s a simple oil change or a complex overhaul, we are always here to serve our customers. Our technicians can take care of almost every type of clutch and transmission problem for various models.

Functional issues you can face

The transmission of a car allows the power of the engine to transfer to the wheels and help the car run faster. Whereas, the clutch allows for the disconnection of the wheels from the engine while it’s still running. Naturally, running with a defect in such important parts can be dangerous.

A car transmission may face different problems; it could lose the present fluids, the hydraulic system may get damaged, or the cable maybe worn out. We are skilled in solving almost every problem related to the clutch and transmission part? Detecting a burning smell while changing gears? Now’s the time to contact with us without caring about the transmission repair cost. With efficient teams and modern tools at our disposal, we can provide you with the most extensive and thorough service, at any time. However, before you seek expert help, knowing about the warning signs would be crucial.

Common Issues & Warning Signs

Normally, there are two types of clutch systems available; one is an automatic clutch and the other is a manual one. Both of these are different in their handling and require separate levels of care to function. We are proficient in the clutch and transmission systems handling of almost all models of cars. However, some symptoms indicate that your vehicle may need transmission service. Some of them are given below;

  • The gear change of the car is not smooth.
  • Clinking, scratching, humming noises could be heard during a gear change.
  • The clutch may slip during a gear change.
  • The transmission is emitting noise when at neutral.
  • Too much force is needed to apply the clutch.
  • The car may shake while changing gears.

Giving your car a proper transmission repair when these problems are present is essential because ignoring them can become dangerous. A complete repair service will not only make it more fuel-efficient, but also give more control, and increase their performance. We also provide any general cleaning and inspection services. Other services like transmission fluid draining, cleaning the oil pan, examining fluid state, complete transmission flushes, and checking for leaks are also notified by us. We charge the most justified car transmission service cost from our clients and that’s what made us the ‘best’ in Adelaide.

Adelaide’s Best Clutch & Automatic Transmission Repairs

A defective clutch can harm the transmission and destroy the driving capabilities of your car. So, what should you do to maintain the best state of the transmission system? You would come to us, the most experienced auto care services Adelaide. We have the most updated diagnostic kits and instruments to inspect and repair any defect in your transmissions or your gearbox.

The excellent transmission specialist of our team can give you the most detailed services; from simple oil changes to replacement of defective cables. You are assured to get the most from our well-equipped car repair shops. We also provide branded and manufacturer- recommended parts for our clients.

We do not only provide repair but also inspect all the parts of the clutch of your car. Some of the parts that we inspect in our cars repairs can be listed as:

  • Clutch cover,
  • Clutch plate
  • Flywheel
  • Pressure plate
  • Diaphragm spring
  • Thrust bearing

We provide a complete and thorough bearing on the problem and repair the issues to the source. Our experience, service, and skills have made us the most sought-after concern in the country. So, if you need any assistance with the transmission or gear systems of your car, give us a call as soon as possible.

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