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Car Exhaust and Muffler Repair and Service

A properly functioning muffler and exhaust system help in keeping your drive quiet and smooth and let you breathe fresh air. Through the help of car exhaust and muffler repair service, harmful gases don’t get inside in your car it also minimises the engine-exhaust noises. They are also responsible for maintaining engine performance. Just like other parts of the vehicle, they too get affected with factors such as heat and physical damage because of the placement underneath in a car. As per car experts, performance of exhaust systems affects after 2- 3 years but that too varies car to car. Below are some signals which might give you an idea that you need to get your Car Exhaust and Muffler checked.

  • Leakage in the pipe
  • Increase in the exhaust volume
  • Loud noise coming from the muffler
  • Corrosion

As the exhaust system is essential for a comfortable driving experience, it needs to get rectified by an auto repair expert like us who can solve the issue with quality-driven attitude. With so many years of experience in repairing of cars of all makes and models, our qualified technicians have developed capabilities to perform many issues with perfection for our customers.

When does your car need a new exhaust system & mufflers

Our centre point of attention always lies in giving you a car experience worth remembering every time. Through the help of our car exhaust systems and muffler services, we can rectify all the issues your car is facing and let it pass the emission test with flying colours. When it comes to safety in your car, there is no point of taking a step back, especially if it is related to comfortable breathing. For many people, it gets hard to understand when they need a new exhaust system and mufflers in their car due to lack of knowledge. To understand when do you need to new exhaust system and mufflers in your car :

  • Failed Emissions Tests

If your car is not able to qualify the emissions test as per guidelines set by the Government.

  • A Noisy Driving Experience

The car engine process is loud that is why muffler is used for cancelling out the sound. If your car or auto muffler has a hole, due to any factor there will be unbearable noise which needs to get rectified

  • Poor Driving Performance and less fuel efficiency

If you notice that your car is utilising more gas than before, it might be because of the car exhaust system problem, which is letting the motor work harder, causing more gas.

What makes us the exhaust specialists in Adelaide

If you ever feel a problem in your car because of exhaustion, it’s time to get appropriate car inspection in Adelaide through us who will provide the best exhaust system in affordable rates with the help of a professional mechanic. Our certified experts will inspect your exhaust with the help of specialised instruments and provide the estimate of repairs to make you understand the problems and provide respective solutions. Muffler repairs can simple to complicated as it depends on car maintenance. Our technicians will advise dedicated solutions whether you need to repair your car muffler or go for a new one as we want to provide cost-effective solutions for our clients. During our service, we will make sure we will do all the necessary quality checks and keep your car healthy for years to come. Everything regarding your car service starts with us as we are counted as the best company for providing car service in Adelaide, contact us today to book your appointment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of muffler replacement depends upon the car model as every make and model has a different mechanism. If you consider dealerships for replacement, their charges are usually higher and come along with various sorts of taxes. Choosing independent auto mechanics provides a cost-effective replacement for exhaust and mufflers by using factory tested products recommended by car manufacturers.

Wherever you go for full car service, you need to consult your car mechanic to diagnose the exhaust system and check everything that needs changes. Going as per the information shared by the car mechanics, a normal exhaust system in your car needs maintenance after every 24 to 36 months.

It all depends upon the car mechanic shop you consider for your exhaust replacement. If you consider a quality workshop, they can get the job done as soon as possible. The dedicated repair experts have worked with cars of all makes and models, making them proficient in doing any sort of replacement job with sheer perfection.

Whenever the exhaust manifold fails or leaks in your vehicle, it adversely affects the car engine in many ways. You can witness issues such as a decrease in power, acceleration, and a decline in fuel efficiency. If you are facing any difficulty with your exhaust manifold, take your car to the dedicated auto repair shop to get the job done as per your make and model.

Absolutely No. A hole in your exhaust can let the carbon monoxide get into the car interior and cause adverse health conditions while you are in the car. Continuous exposure can affect in many ways like vomit, cold, flu, nausea-like symptoms.

Surely Yes. An exhaust leak can cause a loss of power as it directly affects the engine. The Engine performance of your car is directly associated with exhaust, so when it leaks, it loses power continuously.