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With ASFA Auto Care, your search for the best car service in

Adelaide has come to an end as your car has reached a workshop where everything is done with 100% perfection. We are providing a friendly and reliable range of repairs and services that you are looking for in your car. When it comes to performing tasks on your car, we assure you that we can achieve the best results and enhance your car functionality to the next level. Our specialised team of mechanics and technicians have complete information on working with cars of all makes and models and can cover every issue that acts as a hindrance in getting you a perfect ride experience. We will likely guarantee that you’ll be completely satisfied with your experience with us as we will be keeping all our operations transparent and with an honest work approach.

Our Car Service and Repair in Walkerville

For any car lover, even the smallest issue in the car can emerge as a headache as everyone wants their cars to be completely fine, both inside and out. We offer a complete range of services and repairs at our Walker vile service and repair service centre with attention to detail in every aspect. Below is the range of services that are available at our garage at economical prices.

  • General Petrol Car Service
  • General Diesel Car Service
  • Logbook Servicing
  • Fuel Injector Service
  • Car Engine Diagnostic Servicing
  • 4WD Servicing
  • Timing Belt Service
  • Fleet Servicing
  • Tyre Fitting and General
  • Wheel Alignment & Balancing
  • Car Battery Service

Car Repairs and Servicing For All Makes & Models

We make sure that no matter what car make and model you own, you get the best-desired support which is purely meant as per your car specifications. Our mechanics have experience of working with different cars that makes our portfolio bigger, better, and stronger than other garages and repair centres in Adelaide.

Experienced and Professional mechanic in Walkerville

Maintaining car performance is the duty of car mechanic, and that’s exactly what we do. Our Auto mechanics have extensively polished their skills in working with cars so that we can make your every mile a happy mile with our services.

Why should you choose ASFA Auto Care for your car service in Walkerville

  • Complete Pre and Post Inspection- Our state of the art instruments and machinery let our mechanics create wonders with their hands. To understand your car in a better way, we will do a complete diagnosis that let us understand all the areas which need our attention. We will also conduct a post service road test to analyse the results we have obtained from our customers and how successful they have been.
  • Certified Technicians – You don’t hand over keys to minors or kids who have less driving experience and, we don’t let your car be handled by an amateur. With ASFA Auto Care, you will get skilled and professional technicians certified in performing all the tasks per your car make and model.
  • Affordable Repairs – We want to be your long time auto care partner whom you can trust for anything in your car. We have kept the prices of our services fair and as per industry practices for giving you complete assurance with our services.

We Repair All Makes of Automobiles

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